Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 25 - Rest Day in Sault Ste. Marie!

Slept in until almost 8am this morning and just caught Laura on her way out the door to work. Dad and I have had a busy day, but we just sort of plodded along at an easy pace getting things done: drying out the tents and tarp, laundry, groceries, trip to the bike store (pedal problems again!), and relaxing. Dad went out first thing in the morning to get doughnuts from a bakery (they're HUGE!). Laura got home from work at shortly after 4 and we relaxed until our reservation at Giovanni's, an Italian restaurant with homemade pasta for some delicious carb loading. Lots of ice and elevation for the 'ole achilles today, so hoping it'll be better tomorrow! Just relaxing back at Laura's now, and wishing there was more time to hang out and catch up! Thanks for the awesome visit Laura... next time it's your turn! ;)
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  1. Hoping that you will have time to hang out here on your rest time in Ottawa and invite friends over too if you like. Or just use this spot as a focal point for your visits with friends and any shopping you need to do. I'm sure we can manage whatever transportation you need. Whatever fits. I was hoping to have my new Infrared Sauna working by the time you got to this part of the country, but, alas, electricians are hard to find so I'll have the sauna but no electrical. I hope your 'ole achilles is not giving you too much trouble. Went to a wonderful shower for Amanda yesterday. We thought of you, and Abbie took pictures of the bump that the new baby Curtis is occupying. See you soon. Lots of love, Aunt Wendy