Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 29 - Tuesday June 29 - Craigleith to Furnace Falls (184 km)

"To Camp or Not to Camp at Furnace Falls"
Today started off with a delicious addition to our oatmeal concoction: french vanilla yogurt. Aunt Trish tried some, and when I asked her if she'd ever make it again she said, "well, if I ever need a high-calorie breakfast!" It was cool starting out, but I had to get rid of the jacket about 3 km in. The first part of the day was awesome with the view of the bay and sun peeking through the clouds, and going through Collingwood was great. Hwy 26 was busy with traffic and not much of a shoulder, but past Stayner it smoothed out. Cathy joined at around 60 km at Midhurst, and rode with me for the rest of the day (awesome!). We had our first "detour" of the trip, turning right instead of left on a small road in Midhurst, because we got chatting and because Cathy wanted a tailwind. Luckily Mabel (Aunt T's GPS) said to turn left, and we only ended up going about 300m out of the way. Of course, this meant we turned directly into a headwind. It started to rain shortly thereafter, lasting just long enough to soak our shoes and shorts and then blowing over. We stopped in Sebright for lunch, and Aunt Trish had set up the card table and lawn chairs and put out a spread! Cathy and I chugged some chocolate milk, which has become a regular component of our trip dare, and I love it! Aunt Trish forgot the camper door open after lunch, and Cathy and I rode madly after her waving in the opposite lane (so she could see us if she looked) but she just kept on driving! 10 kms later, she stopped at a Tims, and it had closed on its own; miraculously nothing was lost - not even the crackers and cheese from right inside the door! The afternoon was great, cycling through lots of small towns, including Rugby, Orillia, Uphill, Norland, and Kinmount - Aunt Trish dubbed it a "community tour". For the most part the highway was new, smooth pavement and at times we had a tailwind (booking it along at 40 km/hr). It was cool as well, so it felt good to keep moving - not too hot, not too cold... great weather for riding. There wasn't much traffic either, so in lots of places Cathy and I could ride side by side. We arrived at Furnace Falls, where we're camping (not a real campground.. oops!) around 4pm. We went for a dip in the river to "shower" at the base of the falls, and it was FREEZING! It was worth it to feel refreshed and clean though, and we layered up afterward. We had a snack (nachos) while preparing dinner (burgers, potatoes with onion, spices, and butter on the bbq, and butter tarts that Aunt Trish picked up fresh today). The mosquitoes were getting pretty bad, so we ate inside the camper to escape them. Another walk by the falls, and again the evening has escaped us... This trip is going by way too fast...
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