Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 32 - Friday July 2 - Rest Day in Stittsville!

"Healing Time at the Sanctuary"

Everybody should have an Aunt Wendy and an Aunt Trish and a Mom like mine. We (+ Leif) had a great, restful day, enjoying delicious meals, looking at pictures, and just relaxing. Lots of ice and heat for the 'ole achilles today. I debated taking an extra rest day to help it to heal (walking all over Ottawa in flip-flops last night probably didn't help!) but in the end I think an extra day probably wouldn't make a significant difference, and I'll just try to keep it at bay. Aunt Wendy is sending us tomorrow with so much food that our fridge is packed to the hilt (mmm). Just a grand 'ole R&R day, and now I'm sitting here catching up on the blog on a 42-inch screen (I'm not exaggerating... only at the sanctuary!). I won't go into more detail, because my Aunt Wendy says, "Everything that happens here is restricted." ;)

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