Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 27 - Sunday June 27 - Espanola to Tobermory (95 km + a ferry ride!)

Today started off cool and foggy. Dad and I had our oatmeal breakfast for the last time (for this leg of the trip), and then I hit the road while he broke camp. It was hilly for the first little while, but then flattened out, looking much like southern Ontario. I've learned to take the locals' word about the roads with a huge grain of salt, as (unless they are cyclists) they often provide well-meaning although incorrect info. For instance, the owner of the campsite told me that after a few hills today it'd be downhill to the ferry, whereas another man at a rest stop told me that it'd be an upwards grade all the way there. In actual fact, "rolling" would probably be an accurate descriptor, as with most of Ontario so far. The roads were actually pretty crummy (small shoulder and Rough pavement), making me homesick for the Trans-Canada! Dad drove ahead to the ferry to make sure we got a spot on the 1:30 boat, and then biked back to ride with me for the last 15 km. We arrived at the ferry just before noon and had a chance to get cleaned up and to walk around and explore the area (with a stop at a bakery, of course) before the ferry. The ride was just shy of 2 hours to get across, so we dozed, walked around the deck, had a brewskie, and played some cards; it seemed to go by really fast. Today was my Dad's last day for this leg of the trip - it's gone by so fast! On the other side of the ferry we met up with my Aunt Trish and her good friend Cathy, who have brought along a small camper and will be joining the trip for the next week (Cathy for 3-4 days). So great to see them! We all went to our campsite on Cypress Lake, set up the camper and tarp, and had our first campfire of the trip! I went for a "shower" in the lake (because there are no shower facilities here.. hooray for biodegradable soap!), and then Cathy cooked us one of her specialties: pasta with shrimp, white wine, olive oil, jalapenos, parsley, lemon, and parmesan cheese, with garlic bread - delicious! Dad left after dinner (around 6:30) for the ~6 hour drive home. (It's been awesome sharing this experience with you Dad, and I'll see you soon for the last leg of the trip!). After dinner, things got eventful again... Aunt Trish: "uh oh, how long have the lights been on?" The truck battery was dead. (Not much luck with vehicle batteries on this trip!). A nice couple from another campsite came across to give us a boost, and it turned out that Andrew is a kinesiology prof at Waterloo and had just visited Queen's for a conference and checked out our new facility - small world! Their tiny car was too small to boost the truck, so Aunt Trish and I went on a mission to find someone with a larger vehicle. A man and his daughter came over with their truck, and we were back in business (Thanks to All!). Now everything is organized for the morning, and we're ready for bed... Around 10pm again! An eventful day!
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