Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 24 - Thursday June 24 - Wawa to east of Sault Ste. Marie (241 km)

"What Goes Up Must Come Down"
Started off the day with another foggy morning, but at least it wasn't raining! It'd poured in the middle of the night, and we were ecstatic that it'd let up. I was on the road around 7:10, ahead of Dad again, although he followed shortly after. The car wouldn't start (again!), but he'd purposefully parked on a hill in case he needed to start it by turning the key, coasting, and letting the clutch out (pretty cool!). Lake Superior Provincial Park is just over 80 km long, and it was an absolutely beautiful ride. Dad rode with me for a while and we stopped at the visitor centre at Agawa Bay to see the sights. The day went from foggy to sunny off and on, with large accompanying temperature changes, making for many stops to add or take off layers. Coming around Batchawana Bay was absolutely incredible; we took a walk break at the beach, and Dad discovered some quicksand by stepping in it! I know I overuse the word "beautiful" in describing the scenery of this trip, but really there's no other way to say it - sometimes I feel the overwhelming vastness and greatness and beauty of this country so acutely that it makes me want to cry (or maybe that's just the delirium from overexposure to the elements). I'm glad that I decided to take Hwy 17 instead of the more-direct Hwy 11 as it's certainly living up to its reputation: hilly, but gorgeous! Some of the hill-climbing is pretty intense, but the ups are matched by downs that lend themselves to wicked-fast speeds (so fun!). I think part of the reason our butts were so sore in the prairies was because there was never an occasion to need to get out of the saddle. Mid-day, Dad went ahead to Sault Ste. Marie and went to a Volkswagen dealer to get a new battery for the car (so lucky they have one here!) and he brought back some cookies and milk for a snack. Coming into Sault Ste. Marie the sun came out and a nice tailwind blew in, so we decided to take advantage of the conditions and ride a bit past the city. We're staying with my fabulous friend and undergrad-housemate Laura in the Sault tonight, so we just circled back by car and will start up again where we left off. We arrived at Laura's around 8,and it's really great to see her stomping grounds; Laura went to college here after undergrad, and recently moved back for work. We had wings and beer (Dad's treat because tomorrow is a Rest Day!!!), and we've stayed up late getting caught up (though Laura has to work tomorrow and I'm pretty wiped!). An all-around awesome day, and I'm looking forward to resting tomorrow!


  1. Love the pics! Hope you're having a GREAT rest day, otherwise known as non-biking day.
    Have I told you lately how awesome you are? Well, you are! Love you lots, Mom
    P.S. Tell Dad to go easy on those wings!!!

  2. Thinking about you... With lots of love from Aunt Wendy

  3. Hi Veronica....let us know when you will be close to Ottawa...assuming you are coming this way. I am sure Jocelyne would like to see you... Have a great ride.....Cheers, Ross