Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 30 - Wednesday June 30 - Furnace Falls to Renfrew (201 km)

"Variety, the Spice of Life"
Had a slow start this morning for two reasons: 1) achilles (tight and sore...ugh), 2) slugs (left my bike on the ground last night, and it was covered with slugs - including in the gear shifter - ewwwwww!). It was cool enough to need pants as Cathy and I started out. It's quite hilly here, and we tend to get hot on the ups and then freeze on the downs! About 20 km from Bancroft we spotted some people waving flags and both assumed it was a road crew. On getting closer however, we realized it wasn't a road crew, but OUR crew: Charlotte (long-time friend of Aunt Trish's and the whole family), Uncle Bill (Aunt Trish's husband), and their friends, Gilles and Claudine. They were waving flags and cheering - wow. Hugs all around. 10 km later, there they were again! And again in Bancroft, joined by a group of others (Ruth, Kim, Sue, Ella and Bob). Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing your support - I was absolutely blown away! Heading out of Bancroft, Ruth joined on her bike as well. The four of us (Aunt Trish, Cathy, Ruth and I) stopped for lunch by a river at a beautiful bed and breakfast ("Dreamer's Rock" - thank you for the hospitality!). Cathy and Ruth rode as far as Denbigh and got picked up there by Ruth's husband Michael. Thanks so much for everything girls - it was great riding with you!! Leaving Denbigh, there was a sign pointing to Napanee, 115 km away. It felt weird being on the road only a few hours ride from home and just passing on by. Aunt Trish and I had planned to camp in Griffith, just past Denbigh, but when we got there the campsite was full (uh oh). Decided to keep riding, and before we knew it we were in Renfrew pulling into a KOA campground (yay for tailwinds!). As soon as we loaded my bike onto the truck it started to pour. Talk about timing! Aunt Trish and I are enjoying a leisurely evening out of the rain in the truck camper!

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