Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pritchard to just east of Malakwa (140 km)

"It's my vacation, I'll take a U-Haul if I want to."
We started the day off in the rain. It was cold, TOO cold - everyone keeps telling us that it never rains this much, which seems hard to believe given that we haven't been dry since we got here. But we could see across the Little Schuswap Lake the remains of burnt trees from the fires last summer. It's unfortunate really to have so much rain, because today's ride could have been so much more pleasant. J had two flats, but thank goodness there was no rain when we changed the tubes. We went through lots of construction and it rained constantly on and off. J's legs got zonked, and she started to brainstorm ideas on how to make sure we got to our planned check-points on time: Option 1 - stop and camp in Salmon Arm (time delay); Option 2 - take a bus from Salmon Arm to Revelstoke (J and V separate); and as she was thinking... A U-Haul went by. V rode alone the rest of the afternoon, covering nearly 80 kms (sans paniers). J drove about 10 kms each time and pulled over to wait for V. We arrived at the much-anticipated Noah's Ark campsite around 7 and it was pouring rain. Free showers, the use of a bbq, any site we wanted, there was actually an ark being built, and two lovable st bernards... This place rocked our day. We showered, did our laundry and made a delish salad and barbecued hot dogs for dinner. To get out of the never-ending rain we set up our tent in the back of the U-Haul. Today there were also a lot of what we have termed "illusion downhills" - sometimes the way the road goes relative to the mountains can make it look like you're going downhill when actually you're going up. On the plus side, we purchased water protector covers for our shoes in Kamloops yesterday, which helped to keep our feet moderately dry. It's been a challenge to dry our feet at night, but we'll spare you the picture. It's a good thing we're here with Noah's Ark, because if this rain keeps up we might be using it!
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  1. Sounds awesome.Rent a u haul -gotta love it.Your not just a couple of pretty faces. I`m keeping track of you everyday.Enjoying the blog Keep it coming!
    Enjoy the moment.
    Ride safe!
    Aunt Trish