Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 1 - Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs

"The Balancing Act"
Day 1, a success. Started the day at 5, on the road around 6:30 with Adrienne. Rode around on "flat" parts of Vancouver to test drive our paniers. It was raining, but not overly cold. We were just starting to get in the swing of things when J tipped over at a stop light (first time ever) and couldn't get up. Turns out, 60-70 lb paniers on a bike are quite cumbersome. But she got right back up with a little help from Adrienne. Around 10:30 we stopped at McD's for apple pies out of the rain. After that we met our first real delay; V had a problem with her paniers rubbing on her wheel. ("No wonder this is so hard... And squeaking"). We stopped and managed to fix them but discovered break problem. While trying to fix it, Gerry Murrell, a kind lady from a tire shop offered to drive V to a bike store a few blocks away. (Thank You Ray and Gerry's Automotive!!!) Around 70km we stopped to say goodbye to Adrienne (thanks for everything AQ!!). 30 seconds later, J had a flat... Road staple; delay number 2. V fixed the tire in record time, but when V wasn't looking, J decided to put more air in it, and in doing so let out all the air... And then managed to break the pump. V scouted out the area and found a bike store close by, brought J's tire there and returned victorious. A shout out to the friendly locals who stopped to see if we were ok! Back on the road again. J's tire still needed more air so we found a gas station in Mission. Noticed the valve was broken on new tube, so had to change it again. New record time. After that we decided to visit a bike shop. Bought 5 new tubes and a pump. We biked on through jaw-dropping scenery - mountains, farms, lakes, fields of buttercups. Everything is so bright and green, with huge trees and unique houses. Arrived at campground at 7:30 and set up our tent under a gazebo due to rain in the forecast. Cooked dinner, bathed in a 2-dollar, coin-operated lukewarm shower. Finally heading to bed around 11pm. A long first day, but we're both feeling optimistic and content... And tired. Goodnight!
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