Saturday, June 5, 2010

Merritt to Pritchard BC via Kamloops (145 km)

"Livin' the Dream"
This morning's ride was actually blissful. We followed Mr. Chile's advice and took hwy 5A north from Merritt to Kamloops. It was a longer route (by 10 km), but followed two lakes almost all the way. Smooth pavement, rolling hills, a slight tailwind, sunshine, and about 18 degrees, were conditions for a pretty much perfect ride. With a few roadside pee breaks (challenging on the quads), at least a dozen stops to fix V's rack, and an extended lunch break by the water, we finished the 95 km trek in about 4 hours of riding time. We thought we'd be rain-free, but on the descent into Kamloops it rained for about 30 seconds... Just long enough to soak our feet again, for the third day in a row. We wore out our hands braking on the hill down into Kamloops, but what an unbelievable place! And friendly people! We went to a local bike shop (Spokes 'n Motion) and spent at least 2 hrs troubleshooting V's bike rack problems. (Thanks to the fabulous bike mechanics - you guys were awesome!) J zipped out to restock our food on foot - it felt good to actually walk somewhere. We continued on hwy 1 east to Pritchard to Ponderosa Pines campsite. J accidentally mooned a van (they honked); we stopped for a roadside stop next to a decaying eagle (oops); V tipped over at a traffic light (now we have matching scrapes and bent handlebars); and J fell in a ditch (landing upright and unharmed... V laughed so hard she couldn't breathe). We saw some deer and lots of horses as we travelled through "cowboy country". Finished the day off with an amazing dinner tonight: pasta with chicken and garlic and olive oil cream sauce, Pacifica bag salad, and cheese. Mmm, a great end to a great day.
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