Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 35 - Monday July 5 - Champlain to Montmagny (180 km)

"Prairie Butt and Mountain Legs"
There's something so peaceful about rising with the sun and getting on the road before the inhabitants of the houses that line it are awake. It's almost like time has stopped, and if it wasn't for the slight breeze ruffling the grasses and leaves I could almost believe that I was moving along while the rest of the world was on "pause". Aunt Trish and I got a hustle on this morning to hit the road early to try to beat the heat. Even at 6am, it didn't take long for the first beads of sweat to form, and by 20km I had a nice, slick, full-body sweat on (leg drips and all!). It went up to FORTY DEGREES here today - hot weather for sitting, let alone biking. But nonetheless, it was a GREAT ride, and I didn't want to stop when we arrived at camp around 2:30pm. Fellow cyclists, the verdict on cycling in Quebec: it's amazing - do it! One day, I plan to come back, mountain bike in tow, to check out the tons of trails that I'm seeing signs for. If it's anywhere near as good as the road riding... This morning the road was very flat, leaving me with that restless shifting in the saddle, reminiscent of the prairies. And then this afternoon, out of nowhere, were some hills that would rival the Kicking Horse Pass in BC! No word of a lie, one hill was so steep I thought I might "pop-a-wheelie", and I was glad for the extra weight on the front of my bike afforded by the handlebar bag. After a few doozies, the terrain changed to gently-rolling, and through all - flats, hills, rolling terrain - the scenery was unparalleled. I'm amazed at the uniqueness of this province, which is difficult to describe other than to say that it's different. We followed the river for most of the day, first on the west side and then crossing over a bridge (crazy!) to the east side at Levis, and there's a great mixture of lush farmland, colourful residential areas, and untouched wilderness. We ate our lunch in the shade of the truck camper, while I melted a ziplock bag of ice on my wrists, and Aunt Trish kept me well supplied with water and ice-cold gatorade (I lost count of how many litres of liquid I drank!). Our campsite has a pool, so we went for a refreshing dip after cleaning up, setting up camp, and eating dinner. It's supposed to be another scorcher tomorrow, so early-to-bed and early-to-rise it shall be!
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