Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 34 - Sunday July 4 - Saint-Sulpice to Champlain (116 km)

"Hot Hot Heat"
A short day today, which was actually great as it's blistering hot (38 degrees!). The roads were great, and the traffic much more courteous than yesterday (even a young, cherub-faced boy gave me a timid smile and waved me by, though he had the right of way!). Aunt Trish stopped at a market and picked up some fresh fruits and veggies, including watermelon - a genius roadside snack on a day like today. Tossing the rinds into a wide-open ditch, Aunt Trish managed to accidentally nail the lone billboard with one of hers (whack - "oops"). We should've guessed that getting through Trois-Rivieres together would be tough... But at least we met up again on the other side! At one point, I was waiting for Aunt Trish by the side of the road, and a middle-aged gentleman pulled up to make sure I was alright. After I assured him I was fine, he gave me some freshly-picked strawberries before heading on his way (so kind!). There are TONS of people out cycling here, although I've only seen one loaded with gear so far! We passed a basilica in Cap-de-la-Madeleine where my parents go annually on a pilgrimage, and it's neat as is architecture is designed to look like a maple leaf. Actually, a lot of the architecture here is really unique and interesting. We arrived at our campsite around noon for lunch! After a quick bite and shower, we both had a snooze in the camper; last night a crying baby in the campsite next to us had made sleep pretty minimal. It's nice to have the afternoon free; it's like 1/2 a rest day! We read our books by the river, walked to a little store down the way, and before we knew it it was dinner time. We finished odd the leftovers from Aunt Wendy (still sooo good!), and are enjoying a quiet night by the river.
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