Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 43 – Tuesday July 13 – Wood Islands PEI to Hilden NS (144 km)

"Seizing the Day"
Looking over the map last night, we realized 2 things: 1) the day planned for today (to Truro NS) was really too short (70 km), and 2) there are mountains in Nova Scotia!! Just northwest of Truro! This solved #1 as, obviously, I had to ride the mountains! This morning the ferry fog horn woke us up at 4:30am, so we just got up and packed up camp. The view sure was different in the fog! We took the earliest ferry from PEI (6:30am) and I was riding by 8:30, the early-morning fog having lifted on the NS side. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful sunny day. We went along the coast for a ways (Dad rode too for a bit) before heading south through the Cobequid Mountains (including Higgins Mountain and Folly Mountain). The views!! Oh, the views! Nova Scotia does not disappoint! And the small towns have such a friendly, homey feeling. We stopped for a snack in a small place called Tatamagouche, and people were out and about greeting one another on the street (seemed like everyone knew one another). Chatted with a few of the locals – so friendly! We stopped for lunch by the side of the road, and I couldn’t get over how many ants there were (100s). Then Dad discovered the source – a giant ant hill, about 1.5 feet tall, only about 20 feet away.. eeps! Tonight we’re camping in Hilden, just a short jaunt from Halifax – the final destination of this trip!


  1. I love Tatamagouche too! Oh hey VP...It's your Birthday tomorrow... Happy Happy Birthday. What a way to be spending your 25th! xoxoxo

  2. Veronica, you are the embodiment of AMAZING; AWESOME personified; and the EXTRA in EXTRAORDINARY! So proud of you! Your goal is in sight... Halifax tomorrow! Good night my 24-year-old... Have an amazing, awesome, extraordinary Birthday tomorrow :-)
    Love, Mom

  3. Happy Birthday Veronica. What a wonderful journey you have been on and an amazing accomplishment. Have a great day, you and your dad. Love Aunt Marie

  4. Wow, the final leg of the trip... Congratulatons!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    May you remember and treasure these days for all of your lifetime and may it be a long and happy one.
    Thinking of you, each and every day, with love,

    Aunt Wendy

  5. Happy Birthday Veronia. Seize the day. You are having an amazing trip and we are reliving a lot of our trips down East again when reading your Blog. Big hugs
    Aunt Shirley Anne & Uncle Bruce

  6. Would have loved to have been there for the dunking of your bike and for the celebration of a dream come true. Congratulations on a great accomplishment and happy 25th birthday.
    Love Aunt Trish