Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 17 - Thursday June 17 - Rest Day in Winnipeg!

"A Rest for the Weary"
After being blissfully unconscious for 8-9 hours we woke up to a breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon and fruit - a nice change from our normal regime. J had gotten gung-ho in the night, continuing the laundry we'd started so that everything was clean for today (wowza!). We use the term "rest day" pretty liberally with respect to this trip as these days are so packed - they'd be better termed "days not biking". After breakfast we cleaned up a little, and ran some errands (pharmacy and grocery store) while J's grandparents were out. Came back and had a nice lunch, after which we went out for a tour of Winnipeg (a beautiful city!) And to explore the route out of the city for V tomorrow. When we came home, we all had a nap, grandparents included, for about 1.5 hours (ok, so there fortunately is SOME rest on a rest day). We both have headaches today, and figure it's probably a combination of sleep-deprivation, dehydration, and not being used to sleeping with pillows (assimilating back into normal life is gonna be tough!). Post-nap we had a delicious dinner, and V re-organized and packed for tomorrow. Now we're enjoying the view of the city, from the 9th floor panorama, munching on some popcorn, and are feeling very reminiscent as we write our last blog entry together. It's amazing how fast 17 days can go by. With all of the comical set-backs along the way (some of them not so comical at the time), we're arrived at the end of the road for J, one day ahead of schedule. At this 1/3 mark for V, we'd like to just say Thanks Again so much to all of the friendly, generous strangers who opened their hearts to us along the way. It's been an amazing experience and we're not looking forward to parting ways tomorrow. Next planned extended duo bike trip: Freedom 55!
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  1. Not tanned enough!! Hahaha :) Congrats J on the end of your journey! You're amazing! And good luck V on the rest of your trip. Get ready for some HOOOOOT weather ... things are definitely heating up on this side of the country

  2. I miss you already J! and I can only begin to imagine how much V will miss you :-(
    Wishing you a safe flight home.
    Hang in there V, be safe and as always, keep the faith.
    Love, Mom

  3. We were all so glad to know that you were together and supporting each other. To J., I am sure it will be hard saying goodbye to V. And to V., I know it will be even harder. I am happy beyond belief, though, to know that your Dad and then your wonderful Aunt Trish and then your Dad (also wonderful) will accompany you in the next stages of your journey.

    Stay safe. Stay well. Stay happy. One day at a time.

    Lots of love, from Aunt Wendy

  4. Hi Girls,

    Glad to hear you arrived safely in Wpg. and that you are enjoying a much deserved rest day.

    Having driven the entire Trans-Canada Highway from St.John's NL to Victoria BC over many years (including the route you have followed and will follow), your stories bring back many fond memories of the beauty of our country, Canada, its diverse geography, people and cultures...but above all the many wonderful people who live in our country, have time to help complete strangers in the 'random acts of kindness' and to share a story or two along the way. I know that you will always remember your journey together, all the beautiful scenery, the scents, the colours, the sounds of the wind and the birds (maybe th trains too), the people and perhaps learned that the heart and soul of the country is in its people....all those unpretentious, ordinary, kind, humble people who live across our great country, who can make a difference in other's lives, and do through just being who they are. And to realize that you are one of them.

    Happy, safe journeys, always....

    Love, Dad